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One word very adequately describes 30 Days of Night:


Seriously. Don't bother.
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nitpick: vegan products made out of petroleum.

dinos don't count, eh?
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It's a fact:

I have eaten Minnie Pearl's hat.
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It's probably time for the Massive Entry of Doom, but instead, I'll leave you with this )
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An anecdote from taxi-land:

Yesterday I'm at work. At first, while working the phone and my manager was working the radio, a guy called up wanting a cab to pick him up at the bus stop downtown. He says, "Do you have any white drivers?"

I respond, "I have white drivers. What kind of driver you're gonna get I won't guarantee. But I'll send you a cab."

"Okay well send me a white one! I don't need no Taliban picking me up!"

I didn't send him anything.

A bit later I'm working the radio. My manager, now working the phone, gets a call... yep, it's honkey again. Same asinine request.

His response?

"No sir, we don't serve white people."
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I just got banned from [ profile] bodymods for disagreeing with the moderator.

Liverjournal kids sure are cute.

[edit] Even funnier, they baleeted the 'offensive' comments. Even cuter.

(oh, and [ profile] readysteadystop.. since I know you're reading this: "septum is always fun and easy to hide - and a totally painless piercing, at that!" is a blanket statement. eat it.)
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and one other thing, for the short mountaineers:

here I am being patient.
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yes, yes, I've been a horrible updater. and yes, yes, there's things to update; working odd hours, working on the land, turning 27, but I'm not going to at the moment.

instead, and I hope he won't mind, I'll point you to this post from [ profile] abiku, which I felt needed spreading.

fuckhead, indeed.
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I haven't posted many pictures of the land, have I? Well, here ya go. [ profile] oboiex took lots of pictures while we were down there yesterday.

31 images, and not one of them is dirty. Except for the dirt. )
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In obvious rebellion from the rest of my body, my right pinkie toe has only ever grown one hair.

It's turned silver.
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From a church marquee near my house:


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I found a little more work, helping a dude tile a room.

Whee, work de work work.

Iz very helpful, yes.
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Hanging siding is not so difficult as it might seem, as it turns out. Hauling shingles up a ladder? Yes, that most definitely is.

I was referred to and interviewed at a call center doing support for mobile phones, but didn't get the job -- received their nice little form rejection this morning in e-mail. Leave it to a communications giant to be pussies about communicating.

I'm torn about that -- on one hand, I didn't particularly want to work at a call center again. I need to pay the rent, yes, so I'd've taken it, but I've done my share of call center duties, thankyouverymuch. On the other, though, I almost wanna be offended; I rocked their little assessment. They gave 35 minutes for the Windows test, and I finished it in under 9. Maybe they figured I was overqualified. That'd be the snobby assumption to make.

I wrote back to ask why I wasn't accepted. I bet they don't have the balls to answer. :P
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The rain, of course, put the construction gig off 'til Wednesday.

But that's okay because a bit later I got a call back for a call center job and now have an interview scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

It's been a good day.
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I made a friend! Making friends is nice.

Said friend also hired me to work on a construction project with him. Work is nice.

I got contacted back about a job repairing consumer electronics. That's nice, too, and I hope it pans out, because taking things apart is nice.

Louis went back to Memphis to grab more shit, and brought back my freezer-full of deer meat. Meat is definitely nice.

My landlord is getting me to put together a PC for someone who is disadvantaged. That's real nice.

Play nice, mofos.
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Well.. let's see.

The house is mostly set up. The dining room is still a pile of furniture, most of which we're going to have to puzzle in; a buffet, two china cabinets, two tables, another cabinet... you get the picture.

Friday I was met with a surprise. I was flopping around, trying to decide how to spend the evening, and Louis comes down to say "I'm going out to dinner with Link. You wanna go?" We get there to pick up Link, who I didn't even know was in town, and Kasper was also there. I'm getting the impression that Nashville is the faerie way-station. Yay.

Saturday Louis and I went down to the mountain for Hush's birthday party. Kinda overwhelming; I didn't expect so many people. When I'm surrounded by dozens of acquaintances I immediately and thoroughly forget all ability to be outgoing. I end up standing still, smiling nervously, fingering my handlebars. Still, though, it was enjoyable; got to see a handful I haven't in awhile.

Another surprise -- my friend Charlie, who runs around the country working on various computer systems, just happened to be in town. We went out to the Chute last night to see what that place was about and discovered their Sunday gospel drag show. Only in the bible belt, I swear.

Went out today to grab applications to various places. After the first one, I was met with yet another surprise, except this one sucks: my starter's now dead. I got it started again, finally, and came immediately home. No more driving. Goddamnit. Thankfully, the public transportation here actually seems reliable. It's not a huge deal, but it does kinda cramp a bit. And it's more money I'll have to spend once I'm working. Whatever.

That's my sporadic update.
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We made it to Nashville, pretty much totally without event. Loaded, zoomed away, unloaded.

I'll post more when I've got more energy, heh.


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