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Thee compyooturr is shutting down now. See ya in Nashville.
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Aside from the moment I posted about earlier, Christmas with the family was overall okay. No drama, no fighting or anything. Yay.

My uncle -- who happens to be a supply sergeant -- gave me two pairs of combat boots. The army changed their uniforms from black to tan so he's got all this black shit just sitting around. Poof, boots for the family.

My parents gave me a decent chunk of cash to help with the move. And yes, it helps muchly. They also gave me enough deer and elk meat to fill over half my freezer. I don't think I'll need to buy meat for months.

All in all, nothing to complain about, really.

Monday night my sister came and spent the night with me so I could take her to the airport on Tuesday. That was the first time we've hung out without our parents around for ten years. We got really drunk, and I took her to the Pumping Station, the sleazy fag bar. Fun times.

There's still things to do at the house. I don't think I've stopped mentioning that I need to paint my bedroom, but I haven't done it yet. Whee.

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I just got a Christmas bonus for the first time ever while working here and it totally solves my money issues for the move.

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My car can suck my cock. Except, of course, that it would probably stall and die on me mid-fellatio. Then I would kick it and laugh.

Uh, [ profile] yangming... not all cars are like mine. I promise. :-D

No more UTI! Which means, also, no more cranberry juice! I will not be having the cranberry sauce at my grandmother's tomorrow. Newp.

Which, by the way, is where I'll be. Family time. The seasonal obligation to spend many hours of the day with the extended; apparently it's more important to some that you share a small percentage of genetics rather than an interest or two.

"How's life, nephew?"
"Oh, great! Y'know, queer communes, pagan rituals, fag bars... the usual."
"Well that's wonderful. I went to church three times this week, and this month forty thousand new babies were born to the family! I love teevee!"

Wheee. When worlds collide.
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I got started packing last night, and along with that went through things and tossed what I didn't need to carry around anymore. That's always wierd -- going into your past and saying "Oh, I don't need you anymore."

Oh, and my distributor cap seems to be going out, and I have a UTI.



Dec. 19th, 2006 11:03 am
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This is a biohazard symbol.

This is Celtic artwork.

This? Just stupid.

That is all.
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Oh god, yeah, people are right, this new update page is pretty hideous. There's no need for this much dead space, and you'd think they'd make it resizeable. 144 characters wide? Jesus.


After not sleeping much lately for reasons ranging from the party to just not being able to, last night I crashed around 8:00 and didn't get up 'til 8:00 this morning. I feel much better.

At one point I woke up with a yell, pushing and kicking: I dreamt I was getting mugged by a guy wielding a pair of scissors. He stuck the scissors downwards into my left shoulder, and today that shoulder is sore. I figure I was sleeping on it really funny and the dream was a method of telling me so.

There were also several dreams viewed objectively, scenarios I wasn't a part of, where people's cats were getting murdered by their human's exes. Dunno what that's all about. None of my exes would kill cats, so I doubt it's personal. Whatever.
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I just gave notice at my job. That was the last item on the list.

Woo, butterflies. I'm moving.
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In regards to the Christmas season, my very-Christian-in-the-reads-her-Bible-sense sister wondered aloud the other day:

"I wonder how much Jesus is gonna cost this year?"

and, the tree:

"I've just finished setting up our pagan symbol of a consumer model of a Christian holiday."

Proof that there are indeed Christians who get it.
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Holy fuck, that was Rasputina.

Yes, it rocked. Duh.

I'm drunk.

Saw this chick at the gas station, she held the door open for me even though I was halfway across the parking lot still. She was at the show, and was checking me and [ profile] oboiex out. Flattering, sure, but that doesn't deny the very distinct and fleeting schadenfreude-esque pleasure of seeing the face drop and mouth the words "He's gay?" Yeah, I'm kind of a fag.

Saw [ profile] rubydelaruby and some other folks I don't get to see often. Groove city.

One of the opening groups was pretty nifty: Aberdeen City. Check 'em out. Kinda Radiohead-like, but angrier.

Bedtime. Nightynighty.
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Dear world:

There is a difference between "charismatic" and "disingenuous".

Please write that in your notebooks.



My tarot deck likes to slap me in the face. That bitch likes it rough.
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I quenched my addiction to caffeine, made it through the horrible detox and all. As you might expect, my tolerance is currently at the low, low price of one 20z bottle of Coca-Cola.

Now I remember why caffeine is so attractive.

... step away from the bottle ...
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Sad news.

The warehouse deal fell through.


I'm still moving to Nashville, but that puts the purchase of the land off.

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Went to dinner with [ profile] oboiex last night. We had Mexican food. And, yes, margaritas.

More importantly, we discusseed the move.

My last day at work in Memphis will be December 29th.

We will move on January 1st.

Kind of wacky timing, yes, being new year's day. I hope I'm not entirely too hungover.

Seven weeks.

(oh, and funny: all the teenagers who don't put their ages or other info on their LJ so people don't shun them, but then link to their MySpace which prominently displays such information. heh.)
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I'm bluebeard_.

himnightradio:are you a Christian?
bluebeard_:Far from it...
himnightradio:i am but i want to experience defeat by a nonChristian
himnightradio:well i never done this so far but i want to let the nonChristian community mess me up so bad that i never feel right again. Just to make a political statement against Christians like me.
bluebeard_:That's some serious self-loathing, dude. If you're unsatisfied by Christianity, or disillusioned from the Christian community, just find something that works better for you.
himnightradio:i see , its just that im a masochist
bluebeard_:I prefer to reduce suffering, personally.
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Over the weekend Louis packed a lot of stuff from his bedroom, and grabbed some of his furniture from the living room.

Those rooms feel very empty now. I compensated in the living room by moving all the plants in; that needed to happen anyway, it's too cold. It's good the missing furniture provided space for that, but...

*bang* nail on the coffin: seeing boxes packed full, tossing the furniture on the truck, makes the whole thing much more real.
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Now that I'm leaving, people have lined up to hang out. What's the deal? :P whatever, by the time I get to Nashville I should be socially recharged enough to handle the transition. Or socially worn out enough that it won't matter and I'll just stay in my house the first month.

Either way, it works. I'm enjoying myself and it's occupying my time until I move so I'm not just spinning wheels at home.

I've already got plans for tomorrow and Wednesday. It's wacky, having plans. I'm just not used to it.
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Well, I didn't see Borat -- we got there (managed to snag a 4th, too) and the theater was full up. We saw Running with Scissors instead.

It wasn't bad, but some stuff hit pretty close to home and dredged up old emotions I don't care much to visit anymore, so I wasn't able to get into it as much as others. It's pretty poignant overall, though, and it's definitely worth seeing.

Tonight Louis is back in town for the weekend to start packing the house up. The move becomes more real. Doug and [ profile] oboiex have been painting more today, and Doug powerwashed the back porch. The "to-do" list is getting shorter, finally. It's the big work that's left -- repairing the roof, re-roofing the shed, re-flooring the kitchen, re-finishing the wood floors.

New Year's seems like it's both tomorrow and an age away. It's an odd feeling. Weeks seem like forever to me, so I know eight of them will seem like a long time in the process, but by the time January comes I'm sure I'll be wacked out.

I guess that's evidenced by the fact that my writing style has deteriorated into buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buh comma comma and.
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Tonight I'm seeing Borat with [ profile] omphaloser and a new friend.

Last night I met and ended up hanging out with said new friend.

The night before another friend came over for a bit, and then offered to cover me for beer at the Pumping Station, a bar. I graciously accepted.

Monday I stayed home.

Sunday I went out with [ profile] oboiex to Zinnie's, another bar.

Saturday I was at Pumping Station.

Friday, at Zinnie's with [ profile] omphaloser.

Jesus, I'm all social this week. It's pretty rare that I go out this much, or see this many people. I like it.

(fuck money. I did manage to not spend very much, but jesus. just fuck it.)


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