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I haven't posted many pictures of the land, have I? Well, here ya go. [ profile] oboiex took lots of pictures while we were down there yesterday.

First, the vanity; me in a parking lot. We stopped to get some things for the birthday party.

This is the barn. It and all structures on the land were built around 1846. It was originally used for curing tobacco. This structure will become the main house; new floors will be installed, the logs will be re-chinked and then infilled with adobe. A greenhouse will be attached to one side.... plus more. It's quite the endeavor.

That's Louis in the overalls.

The barn is home to lots of ant lions; they're absolutely everywhere.

This is the cabin, the original homestead. We're going to dismantle this structure and re-use what we can; the tin roof, wood stove and many of the timbers are still in good condition, but it's settled a lot and one room is too tiny to bother with.

Also, it's been used as a squat and is absolutely covered with tweaker grease. Dismantling the structure entirely is one good way to get rid of that energy.

This is what remains of another barn, this one for animals. I don't know what happened to the rest of it. I found a very rotten leather horse harness in there; I'm curious to see what else we'll find when we clean this area up.

Here's a few shots from the waterfall, about ten minutes walk from the cabin. The whole thing is about 25 feet high, and gets water year-round. The first picture is rocks off to one side; what you're looking at is about 4 feet tall. It's right above my head in the picture where I'm standing, and to my right in the shot where I'm squatting. Louis is standing in the area I'm looking towards; beyond him is the bigger part of the fall, about 15 foot drop. The snake is a water snake that mimics copperheads but isn't actually poisonous. [ profile] oboiex found him above the waterfall.

And finally, a couple shots of the forest. As you can see, the forest is only around a century old; it was clearcut for the tobacco farm that used to be here, but was allowed to grow in after whatever happened to the farm. Nobody's lived here since.

That's everything... my little slice of utopia.
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