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Well.. let's see.

The house is mostly set up. The dining room is still a pile of furniture, most of which we're going to have to puzzle in; a buffet, two china cabinets, two tables, another cabinet... you get the picture.

Friday I was met with a surprise. I was flopping around, trying to decide how to spend the evening, and Louis comes down to say "I'm going out to dinner with Link. You wanna go?" We get there to pick up Link, who I didn't even know was in town, and Kasper was also there. I'm getting the impression that Nashville is the faerie way-station. Yay.

Saturday Louis and I went down to the mountain for Hush's birthday party. Kinda overwhelming; I didn't expect so many people. When I'm surrounded by dozens of acquaintances I immediately and thoroughly forget all ability to be outgoing. I end up standing still, smiling nervously, fingering my handlebars. Still, though, it was enjoyable; got to see a handful I haven't in awhile.

Another surprise -- my friend Charlie, who runs around the country working on various computer systems, just happened to be in town. We went out to the Chute last night to see what that place was about and discovered their Sunday gospel drag show. Only in the bible belt, I swear.

Went out today to grab applications to various places. After the first one, I was met with yet another surprise, except this one sucks: my starter's now dead. I got it started again, finally, and came immediately home. No more driving. Goddamnit. Thankfully, the public transportation here actually seems reliable. It's not a huge deal, but it does kinda cramp a bit. And it's more money I'll have to spend once I'm working. Whatever.

That's my sporadic update.


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