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Birthdate:Jun 14
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
All of my posts these days are friends-only.

Look over my interests list for my list of interests. Some of them fade in and out. Ask for details if you like.

Interests (133):

80's fantasy, alcohol, animals, animated movies, animation, aphex twin, back hair, bad movies, beards, bears, big sweaty balls, bjork, black holes, boots, brave new world, caffeine, camping, carnivorous plants, cats, chaos magick theory, chaos theory, clouds, coil, compersion, computering, computers, culture, current 93, dreamcast, eczema, electronica, electronics, faith and the muse, feta and honey, fiddle, foreskins, forests, future, gender, genderfuck, genderqueer, gnosis, goatees, goddesses, gods, godspeed you black emporer, hair dye, hairy men, hallucinogens, hiking, history, hiv, hiv+, homesteading, horror, i'm short, ida, idapalooza, intentional communities, internet, ishmael, kittens, linux, low, meditation, memphis, movies, mythology, nashville, neko case, neo-paganism, neopaganism, nomenus, oregon, paganism, past, perl, philodendrons, php, physics, piercing, plants, polyamory, porn, pornography, portland, poz, prefuse 73, psoriasis, psychology, quantum theory, queer, radical faeries, radio dispatch, radiohead, rain, rasputina, religion, renewable energy, rock, science fact, science fiction, science isn't fact, seborrheic dermatitis, sex, sexuality, short mountain, short mountain sanctuary, sigur rós, smoking, space travel, spirituality, suspense, sustainable living, sweeping generalizations, tarot, taxicabs, techno, technology, tennessee, testicles, the foundation trilogy, the new pornographers, the universe, thinking, this mortal coil, transformus, ubuntu, unix, urban intentional communities, video games, watersports, wolf creek sanctuary
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